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Gerri Walsh: My First Bank Account Led to Lifelong Dividends

by Team Sammy

Sam X Renick interviews FINRA Education Foundation President Gerri Walsh for CentSai and Sammy Rabbit’s Money Cents for Kids!

Renick: What is the most important money habits you learned as a child?

Walsh: My first job involved covering a portion of a sibling’s paper route for a cut of her collections. That’s when I developed a habit of accompanying my parents to our local bank on Saturdays, where I would deposit a portion of each week’s pay into a passbook savings account. I enjoyed watching the interest compound... CONTINUE READING

Your Thoughts

  • What memories do you have of your first bank account? Was it a savings account? Or was it a checking account?
  • How has what you learned from your first bank account impacted your life and your financial literacy?
  • In your view what is one of the significant changes in banking as it relates to accounts for kids, teens, and college students?