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Expert Tips on Managing Money Before, During and After College

by Team Sammy

Sam X Renick interviews Morningstar Director of Personal Finance, Christine Benz for!

Sam X Renick: Do you have a favorite money memory or story from your college years?

Benz: It's not a memory so much as a decision: I chose to work almost all of the way through college, first in the library and later in an art supply store. My parents paid for all of my school-related expenses, but I used my work income to pay for my extras—going-out money, concert tickets, or splurge-y clothes. (I still remember buying a pair of Guess jeans with my hard-earned money--$52!) I think I valued those extras more because... CONTINUE READING

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  • Did you work while you attended college? If so, what are one or two of the ways it benefitted you?
  • Are there other benefits to college besides education that justify its cost?
  • How do you foresee the rapid advancement of technology affecting the college experience, especially cost of college?
  • What questions should parents be asking and discussing with their kids about the cost of college education?