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Dream Big Read East Los Angeles

by Team Sammy



The Dream Big Read East Los Angeles is an early age financial literacy and goal setting program. It provides parents and schools with easy to use resources and training to empower kids at an early age to dream big and develop great money habits.

The Dream Big Read East Los Angeles will give away 10,000 FREE storybooks equal to $50,000. It will also provide participants with activities they can download online via Sammy Rabbit’s Dream Big Club, experiences, author-character appearances, prizes, and more.


The initiative targets three groups.

(1) Kids in grades K through three
(2) Their parents, teachers, and caretakers
(3) Individuals and organizations interested in those groups and/or the subject matter.


There are three phases to the program.

(1) Pre-Program. This includes: planning, awareness-promotion, and enrollment of partners and participants.
(2) Execution of the Program. This includes the delivery of resources and experiences to participants.
(3) Post Program. This includes a report and free access to more resources at the Dream Big Club so everyone can keep learning!


The strategy for the Initiative has been modeled after the University of Maryland Parents Teachers as Wealth Coaches Program, Walnut Elementary School Sammy Rabbit Dream Big Day, and other Sammy programs.


The Dream Big Read East Los Angeles currently includes the following collaborators.

Sammy Rabbit
Weingart East Los Angeles YMCA
Berlinski Foundation

You can participate!
• Receive and giveaway storybooks and curriculum
• Host an event
• Volunteer to read or lead a workshop
• Receive free storybooks or web advertising
• Sponsor resources an event or prize
• Bring a Dream Big Read program to your community


• Financial stress can harm your health. Americans are stressed about money across income levels. In its 2014 Employee Financial Wellness Survey, PricewaterhouseCoopers found that about 48 percent of all employed adults felt stress because of their financial situation!
• Adult money habits are set by age 7. University of Cambridge
• More than half of teens and adults failed basic financial literacy tests? Global Financial Literacy Center for Excellence and National Financial Educators Council
• Reading aloud is crucial to building knowledge and being good readers for children of ALL AGES? National Association for the Education of Young Children