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Cornerstone Foundation Sammy Rabbit Collaboration

by Team Sammy

Cornerstone Foundation Sammy Rabbit Collaboration

"Cornerstone Foundation and Sammy Rabbit have announced their collaboration to bring early-age financial literacy education resources and programs to kids, families, schools, and communities via credit unions..."

“Sammy Rabbit makes it easy for parents, teachers, credit union professionals, and others to talk to and teach kids about great money habits,” said Courtney Moran, executive director of Cornerstone Foundation. “His head, heart, and hug approach to money makes a frequently dull topic engaging for everyone, especially kids. Out of that engagement, we want kids building their financial knowledge and capability early in life, so they are better prepared to experience more financial stability, security, and freedom as they age.”

"Give wisely. It's a great habit!" -Sammy Rabbit

Cause Market

We're pleased to share a portion of all proceeds will be donated to the Cornerstone Foundation. Cause marketing occurs when a company does well by doing good. It's a win-win. Utilize Sammy Rabbit resources to promote your credit union while also supporting the cause of financial literacy.

8 Primary Ways Sammy Rabbit Can Help Credit Unions and Their Memberships

There are 8 primary ways Sammy Rabbit can help credit unions serve, reward, grow and bring young people to their memberships.

(1) Co-Branded Dream Big Financial Education Resource Hub (2) Money School Memberships (3) Special Edition Custom Books (4) Virtual and Live Events (5) Social Media, PR, Special Initiatives (6) Training (7) Sammyriffic Energy (8) Time and Cost Effectiveness.

Read more about each outreach and education strategy below.

(1) Co-Branded Dream Big Financial Education Resource Hub

Credit unions have their own financial literacy education program live in minutes with a co-branded Sammy Rabbit Dream Big Financial Education Resource Hub!

The Hubs are divided into three sections:

Section 1: Story Book Section for kids, parents and everyone!

Section 2: Story Program and Curriculum Section for Teachers and Financial Education Trainers.

Section 3: Song Section for kids, parents and everyone!

The Hub's can stand on their own as a financial education program or supplement existing programs.

Hub's include over 200 co-branded activities. Wherever the activities go, your brand goes with them. And the Hub's come with "special rights" that allow partners to copy and share the co-branded resources during the term of the subscription.

Hub's are ultra cost effective. Currently, a 1 year subscription is $129!!!

Click to VIEW a "live" Partner Hub.

Click to ORDER a Hub and have it live in minutes.

(2) Money School Memberships

Sammy's online Money School makes an outstanding member benefit and reward. It's a 24-7-365 learning space for kids and families who want dream big and develop great money habits!

The School includes lots of unique programming and activities like:

Decode and Sing | Sammy Rabbit's All Star Reader Leader program | Create Your Own Dream Big Journal | Music | Funny Money Sentences | Coloring | Live Events | Arts and Crafts | Drawings, Prizes and More!

Click to VIEW and sample Money School programming.

Contact Sammy for PRICING and GROUP DISCOUNTS!

(3) Special Edition Custom Sammy Books

Front Cover

Simultaneously help kids build their money and reading skills with special edition custom Sammy Books. And, in the process get your brand into homes, schools and community organizations. It is a "win win" for everyone! 

Books are customized in three places: (1) Front Cover (2) The inside book cover which includes your special message (3) Back Cover. 

Inside Cover - Your Organization's Special Message

Sammy Books serve 3 different age ranges!

(1) The Sammy Says series is perfect for children ages 3 to 5!

(2) The It's a Habit Sammy Rabbit Series is perfect for first time readers, ages 5 to 7, grades K to 2.

(3) The Sammy's Big Dream Series is perfect for kids ages 7+, grades 2 and above.

Unique features built into Sammy books like "predict the chapter titles" and "point of the page" make them a strong fit for schools who want to build kids reading, writing and comprehension skills while developing their money skills.

"Sammy Says" Point of the Page helps readers with comprehension & critical thinking skills.

Contact Sammy for PRICING!

(4) Virtual and Live Events

Since 2001 Sam X Renick and Sammy Rabbit have delivered financial education experiences to over a quarter of a million children throughout the world! Perhaps no one has more first hand experience.

Perhaps, Kiplinger Personal Finance columnist and kids and money author Janet Bodnar said it best after experiencing an event. Here is what she reported in the magazine.

Talk about a hard sell. Trying to persuade a group of 7-year-old children that saving money is fun ranks right up there with trying to make them believe that peas are a dessert food.

Anyone who's ever had that problem should invite Sam Renick for dinner. Renick can whip a gym full of elementary-school kids into a frenzy of enthusiasm for saving money minutes after bounding into the room.

Now see for yourself! These are two of many videos demonstrating the dynamic energy, engagement and learning these experiences create whether delivered live or online!

Live Event

Virtual Event (Online)

(5) Social Media, PR, Special Initiatives

(6) Training

Engage kids with interactive techniques and strategies Sam and Sammy have tested and perfected over the last 20+ years leading financial education experiences!

(7) Sammyriffic Energy

Energy, passion and authenticity make a difference. We all know when it is there and when it is not.

With Sammy as a partner you do not have to worry about your financial education being dull or daunting!

We bring Sammyriffic energy to everything we do whether it is a social media post, a song or a story!

(8) Time and Cost Effectiveness

  1. Co-Branded Resource Hub | $129 1 Year Subscription
  2. Money School Memberships | Discounted Memberships as low as $1
  3. Special Edition Custom Books | $4 ea. + S&H (Activity Books)
  4. Virtual & Live Events | Quote - Discounts available
  5. Social Media | PR Support | Special Initiatives | Quote - Discounts available
  6. Training | Free Tips - Training Center - Quote for Workshops
  7. Sammyriffic Energy | A&E = Always with Everything!

Contact Sammy to Get Started Today!


Website and Email

If you have questions, suggestions, or would like learn more about Sammy Rabbit and his mission to teach kids great money habits and other important life skills, contact us!

CLICK to contact Sammy via our website contact form;

or email us at:

Social Media

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A Little About Sammy and His Mission

Making it easy for parents, teachers, trainers, and community leaders to talk to and teach children of all ages develop great money habits and how to effectively manage their money is what Sammy Rabbit is all about.

His aim is to bring more financial wellness into the lives of kids, families and communities so they are more able to lead more self-sufficient, secure, stable, giving and fulfilling lives!

10 Features That Make Sammy Special and Unique

Sammy Rabbit uses a "head, heart and hug" approach to financial literacy education that connects across all demographics. Here are ten (10) important features and characteristics that make him special.

(1) Habit Formation. Resources include and emphasize "habit formation." Books stress "saving is a great habit." Songs like Get in the Habit, S-A-V-E do as well.

(2) Dream Big Theme. Engages, inspires and shapes behavior.

(3) Reading & Language Centric Products. Products are strong fit for classrooms & core aligned to reading standards. 

(4) Songs. Sammy has a treasure trove of music. It's contagious. It's informative. It's vast and varied using numerous music genres to address a wide array of personal finance topics. And Sammy's adding to it.

(5) Virtual and Live Event Experiences. Dynamic. Interactive. Easy to execute and follow. Always memorable!

(6) Broad Brand Appeal. Engages every demographic: kids, parents, teachers, teens, college, seniors, non-profits, government, etc. 

(7) Networking. Global network including lots of media contacts and introductions to community partners.

(8) Experience, Effectiveness, Authenticity. Sammy lives and breathers financial literacy education. He has a long and distinguished track record doing it. His products and strategies are "field tested: and have been proven effective repeatedly.

(9) Innovation. Creator of multiple new and awarding winning products, services and strategies like "Predict the Chapter Titles," the 1st National Dream Big Read, Childhood Money Memories,  and All Star Reader Leader program.

(10) Affordable. Ultra cost and time effective products and services including many free offerings creates lots of access and availability for all.

Have a Sammyriffic day!