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Use Childhood Money Memories to Make It Easy to Talk To & Teach Kids About Great Money Habits!

by Team Sammy

Childhood money memories make it easy to engage kids and teach them vital lessons about money.

They can and often do shape the way we think about and manage money the rest of our lives.

So take full advantage of this strategy to make it fun and easy to teach, talk to and help your children establish great money habits.

Below find:

(1) A few excerpts from stories parents, grandparents, and community leaders have shared with us.

(2) Links to five articles discussing the importance and impact early money lessons and stories have had on others.

We encourage everyone to advance 1 child's financial literacy and personal finance knowledge today.


Patricia Roberts, J.D., Chief Operating Officer Gift of College, Author

One of Patricia’s favorite childhood money memories involves a collaboration between her and her three siblings. Patricia was the youngest. When there was something that she and her siblings wanted, that fell outside of her family’s very tight budget, her mom would encourage all the kids to sit down at the dining room table and discuss how important it was to get that item. And, then she asked the kids to see if they could agree on pursuing it together. As a result, they would then “save together” as a family to reach their saving goal.

Her mom would have them save and fill up a large glass jar with coins and sometimes dollar bills. She would keep that glass jar in a very visible place in the house to keep everyone focused on their saving goal.

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Tan Phan, MSFP, CFP®, Tan Wealth Management

I was born in Vietnam and came to the United States when I was 5 years old with my mother and sister. I remember living in a duplex in Oakland, California. My mother, sister, and I were in one room of a duplex shared with 2 other families. For dinner, we split a boiled egg between the three of us. I ate 1/3 of the boiled egg with white rice and soy sauce. We came to America for a better future. Growing up, I was constantly reminded of the value of education and believed it was one of the true keys to success and paves the foundation to a better life.

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Cathrine Bena Sibanda, CFEI, Founder - Financial Literacy Trust

I was born in a small town called Lobatse, in the southern part of Botswana.

Having lost my mum at four years old, I grew up around lots of cousins, uncles, and aunts.

I vividly recall Sundays were for church without fail, school holidays were for visiting faraway relatives and school days were strictly for schooling and studying. No playing was permitted when schools were open.

I spent the greater part of my life in Gabane, a village in the outskirts of the capital city of Gaborone, with my family, almost all my school years.

We did not have enough money at home when I was growing up. Nevertheless, my aunt would budget on a piece of paper whenever it was time to replenish our groceries.

The little pieces of paper served as once off budget sheets. If you were to peek on them, they had a list of items to buy and their estimated costs. That happened without fail.

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Reading is a great habit. It transforms lives!


Three Childhood Memories That Shaped My View of Money | via Alexa Von Tobel, WallStreetJournal dot com

I firmly believe that our earliest memories about money matter. Why? Numerous studies have shown that these memories can shape our feelings about money for a lifetime... 

10 Childhood Money Memories | via Elizabeth, Early Childhood Teacher, TeachingBrave dot com

My childhood money memories – both positive and negative, have influenced my relationship with money and the way I teach my son money lessons – read what my top 10 money memories are from childhood and the lessons I learned from these memories...

Childhood Money Memories | via Liz, ChiefMomOfficer dot org

A lovely reader left a comment a bit ago that got me thinking – what are my early money memories? Not my experiences as a teenager opening IRA's   and reading The Wealthy Barber, but as an actual child? And how did those influence me as an adult?

I thought it was an interesting question, and I should give it some thought. So I did, and I thought it really divided into a few categories. My immediate family and how they acted about money, my grandparents who are actually one of my biggest inspirations, and my own memories as a kid.

So if you’ve ever wanted to know what kind of money-related upbringing lead to someone who starts investing as a teen, read on...

How "Money Memories" Can Affect Your Financial Well Being | via Christine Mathieu, LifeHacker dot com

As children, we begin to form our beliefs and attitudes about money through value-laden messages that are passed on to us by our parents, grandparents, and society ... Delving into our money memories helps us to gain insight into the things that have consciously and subconsciously influenced how we think and feel about money—and how we handle finances...

When Financial Advisers Ask About Your Earlies Memory of Money, Help Them Get to the Truth | via Morey Stettner, MarketWatch dot com

Experiences with money in childhood tend to carry over into adulthood...

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