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3 Tips on Teaching Preschoolers About Money

by Team Sammy

db-em-purple-coloringbooks-cropBELOW are three of my favorite articles and tips on teaching preschoolers about money. What are some of your favorite tips and strategies for teaching kids about money at an early age?

Tip 1: Saving should be a habit...

Article: 5 Money Lessons for Preschoolers | Liz Weston
In this article Liz Weston alerts parents that advertisers know little ones are listening. She shares her experience as a mom trying to raise a money savvy child. And she cites strategies and resources to assist parents get the money education process started at ane early age.

Tip 2: Use slogans to shape kids thinking on money...

Article: Raising Money-Smart Kids | Humble Dollar
In this blog for Joanthan Clements Humble Dollar, I share four field-tested strategies to help parents, teachers and trainers engage and educate children on personal finance before they are seven years old. Research indicates adult money habits are set prior to seven.

Tip 3: (Plato) Music is a more potent instrument than any other for education...

Article: Mission 1 - Celebrate Savings | AFCPE - The Standard
In this column, former University of Maryland educator Megan O'Neil discusses the power of music as an education tool. And she reviews some of Sammy Rabbit's music on money that was central to research she performed on kids and money. Her research on the subject earned her the National Extension Association of Family and Consumer Sciences (NEAFCS) Dean Don Felker Financial Management Award.