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3 Sticky Childhood Money Memories

by Team Sammy

3 Sticky Childhood Money Memories

We love celebrating and championing childhood money memories.

We think they are a super duper Sammyriffic way of spreading awareness on the importance of early age and family financial literacy.

We also think they are a fantastic way to catalyze conversation on the topic.

We welcome you to share your memories with your kids and grandkids. And if you would like to have one or more of your childhood money memories featured in our series, contact us.

Below, find a few samplings from the series as personal finance professionals Patty Priddy, Sheryl Garret and Kaleb Paddock shared 3 sticky childhood money memories and Sammy Rabbit "Gold Karat" ideas with us in their respective interviews.

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ALWAYS Save a Portion of Your Earnings!

Whether it is money earned from chores, your allowance, or your first job, ALWAYS save a portion of your earnings.  It teaches good saving habits early that will carry on throughout your life.

-Patty Priddy

Click to ready Patty's entire interview!

Make Your Own Money

Some of my earliest memories about making my own money were when I was around seven or eight years old.  If there was something that I wanted, I’d “negotiate” with my parents to obtain support and ideas or suggestions on ways to earn the money I needed to purchase the item or experience I wanted.  As most young children, I had a very short-term goal… every time.  I need to raise $27 to buy a skateboard!  I did everything from washing windows, polishing shoes, giving backrubs, to selling Christmas cards to raise my $27. As I grew, so did the ambitions, and the corresponding finances needed.  I’m so grateful that I started learning these lessons very young.

-Sheryl Garrett

Click here to read Shery's entire interview.

Give Generously

I would teach the money habit of giving generously. The most fun you can have with money is blessing other people with it. If you can get in the habit of generous giving when you’re young, it’s likely the habit will never leave as you earn more throughout your life.

-Kaleb Paddock

Click here to read Kaleb's entire interview!

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