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2nd Grader Shares Money Does Not Buy Happiness

by Team Sammy

Sammyriffic Impact!

What an awe-inspiring two days in Kentucky with Abound Credit Union reading, singing, doing skits, answering kids questions and more while delivery early age and youth financial education to elementary and middle school students.

The two day, five experience tour had the Abound Credit Union team of volunteers, Sammy Rabbit and myself deliver financial literacy education lessons at three elementary schools, one middle school and at one parent - grandparent - credit union member meeting.

In total, we imparted Sammy Rabbit "gold karat" personal finance tips to more than 1,000 kids and several hundred adults, including teachers.

Additionally, and largely thanks to the exemplary execution of Abound Credit Union, we raised awareness on the importance of early age financial literacy education in traditional print and news media, social media, via bill board advertising, newsletters and school outlets.

Money Does Not Happiness

One of the most fascinating things students shared with us took place at our first event and came from a second grader. He shared:

"Money can not buy happiness!"

I found the statement fascinating for a variety of reasons and have not been able to stop thinking about it.

Now let me say, the second grader might have actually been a first grader. I'm not one hundred percent on this point. But either way, this is a child who could not have been more than 7 years old.

I heard Abound Credit Union President, Ray Springsteen share in a presentation to adults, it is important we get kids perspectives. I think he is one thousand percent on the mark. I believe what kids share about money is revealing. Their remarks provide insight into the money mindsets, attitudes, beliefs and feelings they are forming.

The second grader's statement prompted me to think how and where such a sophisticated thought was seeded into their psyche. I further wondered how deeply the thought had been rooted in their psychology. And that got me to thinking, would the thought empower or disempower their financial wellness going forward.

I have many more thoughts on the topic and may blog further on the subject. But what I would be most interested in now are your thoughts regarding the above stated questions and what questions the statement prompts you to think.

Stay tuned for the next blog, "How would you respond to the 2nd grader?"


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