5 Commonly Cited Pet Peeves. What’s Your Financial Literacy Pet Peeve?

What’s Your Financial Literacy Pet Peeve? Part 1

Below find five financial pet peeves commonly cited in articles online.

But first, take a peek at what these six community leaders and friends of Sammy Rabbit said were their number one financial literacy pet peeves.

See if you agree. Share with us one of your financial literacy pet peeves.

Big Tax Refunds

Kevin Ruth, John Hupalo and Lisa Niser all agree on this tax error. Here is what they share.

My biggest financial pet peeve is when a client tells me how excited he or she is to get their IRS tax refund.  Kevin Ruth, Founder, Finance 411

Kevin: we share pet peeves – tax refunds means the taxpayer lent money to the government at a zero interest rate. If anyone wants to offer interest free loans, contact me off line. I’ll be glad to take your money and give it back with $0 interest in a year or so! John Hupalo, CEO Invite Education

I 100% agree with John Hupalo. I even had a post written about the fact that getting a large refund is a not a good thing. Laura Niser, Tax Accountant, Taking on Taxes Together

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Financial Shaming

Michael G. Thomas  Jr. shares the following:

My biggest financial pet peeve is many of us think that financial shaming leads to changed behavior. It doesn’t. It leads to secrecy. And hidden suboptimal financial behaviors can completely wreck a family financially. Empathy is a much better strategy. Michael G. Thomas, Jr., AFC®, Founder of Modom Solutions

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Non Licensed Money Advice

Linda Lipovetsky shares the following:

Financial advice in blogs from unlicensed posters/writers. Linda Lipovetsky, Client Director

Sammy Rabbit believes the most important money habit you can teach a child is to save!

Wasting Money

Michael Gordon share the following:

I hate wasting money on things that seem needless – things like buying water at a gas station five minutes after leaving the house when we could have thought ahead and packed our own. Things like paying more for one item at a store when I could get the exact same item somewhere else for half the price. I suppose it all goes back to my frugal baseball card shopping habits as a kid – that desire to be savvy and smart about what I spend my money on has never really left me. Michael Gordon, Financial Advisor

Take a listen. The best 2 and 1/2 minutes in all of financial literacy education!

5 Commonly Cited Pet Peeves

Here are five commonly cited pet peeves. Is your number one pet peeve listed?

(1) People who don’t budget

(2) All debt is bad debt

(3) Trying to beat the market

(4) Keeping up with the “Joneses” – buying things for the sake of appearance

(5) Carrying a balance on a credit card

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