Case Study: Master Your Card Sammy Rabbit Collaboration

Team Sammy is pleased to collaborate with Master Your Card and its partners to bring financial literacy education knowledge, resources and experiences to children and families around the world.

Through Master Your Card, a Mastercard community empowerment program, Mastercard aims at achieving financial inclusion for underserved communities. They want families to build a strong financial foundation. We do too.

Here is a sampling of some of the projects and strategies we’ve begun executing.

Executing Community Outreach Events

“Thanks so much for your note and new book !!! Loved it.” Best regards,

Mercedes Garcia, Vice President Community Relations, Global Policy Affairs

Sammy's Big Dream at Mastercard event

Giving Resources to Kids, Families, Community Partners

Awareness and Education Announcements

Via Master Your Card USA dot org (Mastercard)

Ask an Expert: Talking to Your Kids about Personal Finances: Helpful Tips from Sammy Rabbit

News: Cuban National Council Distributes Mastercard Prepaid Cards and Activity Books in Miami

Partner Web Page Recognition

Mastercard Employees Kids Club web page

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Via Sammy Rabbit dot com

Cards or Credit – Which Do You Prefer?

Master Your Card Agree or Disagree?

Best Reads of the Week

Mastercard leads collaboration at economic empowerment fair in Bronx

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We are just starting to warm up. You will want to be a part of what we are brainstorming next for kids, families, schools and communities!

Will it be our new online Money School featuring original programming like Decode and Sing; Sammy Rabbit’s All Star Readers; Dream Big with Sammy, etc.

Click on the banner. Take a peek at the financial education programming we have in development!

Will it be virtual or live financial education experiences like those executed in India or with the Oakland Promise Brilliant Baby program or the Weingart East Los Angeles YMCA?

Oakland Promise Brilliant Baby Virtual Financial Education Experience!
It is smart – real smart – to save money regularly!
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If you would like to collaborate with Sammy and support early age, youth and family financial literacy in your community or around the globe, contact us today!

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