Can Your Child or Student Predict the Chapter Titles?

Fee Only Financial Planner Michael Morton reads to students at local elementary school


How strong are your child or student’s reading comprehension skills? Are they able to successfully predict the chapter titles in our storybook Sammy’s Big Dream?

Give it a try and find out? Have them listen to the audio version of the story!

The storybook that shares lessons on earning, saving and giving money consists of 6 chapters!

Predicting chapter titles is one of the fun and unique features of Sammy’s Big Dream! Successful readers are active when they read. They ask themselves questions and use strategies like predicting. This helps them to better comprehend what they read.

When finished, take a look at the digital DELUXE version of Sammy’s Big Dream!

It provides kids 5 more ways to interact with the story, so they can continue to learn and build their reading, writing, and money skills!

Learners can:

  1. Read the storybook
  2. Color the storybook
  3. Take a Story Quiz
  4. Write and Revise the Storybook
  5. Illustrate the storybook


As a young reader, children’s author Sam X Renick struggled to stay in his seat and stay focused while reading. BUT, when a game or interaction was added to the reading process, it was a whole different story. Magically, he became laser focused.

If your child or student also struggles to focus while reading, Predict the Chapter Titles may offer a solution.


Minnesota State University Reading Strategies and Misconceptions website: Article – Predicting by | Here is a short excerpt:

Predicting is an important reading strategy. It allows students to use information from the text, such as titles, headings, pictures and diagrams to anticipate what will happen in the story (Bailey, 2015). When making predictions, students envision what will come next in the text, based on their prior knowledge. Predicting encourages children to actively think ahead and ask questions. It also allows students to understand the story better, make connections to what they are reading, and interact with the text.

Michael Morton and his daughter review Sammy’s Big Dream!


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