Financial Pros Pick Sammy Rabbit for Kids

Experts choose Sammy Rabbit!

Personal finance can be a dull and daunting subject. But it does not have to be.

Talking to and teaching young kids about money can be as easy as reading them a story or singing them a song. Janet Bodnar makes that clear in her column Saving with Sammy Rabbit.

She is not alone. CFPs, CPAs and other financial service professionals agree. They have had an affinity for Sammy Rabbit and his head, heart and hug approach to financial education since his inception. If you are parent, grandparent, teacher or community leader, there is an excellent possibility you will too.

Here’s what mom, NAV Educator Director and Author of The Ultimate Credit Handbook, Gerri Detweiler shared in the article – The Pros Know: Personal Finance Tools That Are Hits with the Experts.

“Sammy Rabbit is one of the great financial education programs for kids… my five-year-old loves this site and the related books and CDs. Sammy Rabbit teaches financial literacy and other life skills and habits to children in an entertaining way… after listening to Sammy, the rabbit with great habits, my daughter adopted a totally different attitude about money and became more of a saver, practically overnight.”

The report wasn’t much different from Harvard, Massachusetts Financial Advisor Michael Morton. He and his daughter shared their experience in this video review of Sammy’s Big Dream. Take a listen. Morton is now taking the book on tour and conducting readings of it at local elementary schools..

Cleveland Charter Financial Analyst, CFP® and dad Rob Holub recently reported:

“…(We) received (our Sammy resources) yesterday; my 4 1/2 year old daughter wasted no time in opening the Earn book last night and this morning fed our dogs on her own for the first time. The look on her face when I told her she earned a dollar and handed her one was priceless.”

In Columbus, Ohio, mom and CFP (r) Krista Cavalieri had this to say about Sammy on Good Morning Columbus:

It turns out talking to and teaching young kids about money can be easy, even fun, if you have the expert help of a character named Sammy Rabbit! 

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