The Only Advice You Need to Give Kids on Money

Excerpt from Sam X Renick’s guest column for The Only Advice You Need to Give Kids on Money

Ten cents was an enormous amount of money to a child growing up in the sixties. In fact, in today’s dollars a dime would be worth approximately one dollar and seventy five cents according to my unofficial but pretty accurate bean and cheese burrito inflation index.  Yes, in 1969 an excellent bean and cheese burrito in Los Angeles cost a quarter, tax included.

Today, it costs $4.36.

I will never forget periodically asking my father for a dime… READ MORE


Item Cost
in 1965
in 2017
Bean & Cheese Burrito $0.25 $4.36 x17.44
First Class Stamp $0.05 $0.47 x9.4
Gallon of Milk $0.49 $3.29 x6.71
Gallon of Gas $0.31 $2.46 x7.94
Loaf of Bread $0.21 $2.32 x11.04
Movie Ticket $1.00 $8.93 x8.93

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