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“Exclusive Offer” for Impact Communications Clients Only

Attract, Appreciate and Educate Your Clients and Community with Turnkey Co-Branded Kids and Money Resources from the award-winning entrepreneurs at!

We are thrilled to present Impact Communications clients with this exceptional “exclusive” offer for meaningful enrichment branding.

It provides you the opportunity to distinguish your brand by enabling families and communities to access a treasure trove of strategic resources that make it fun and easy for anyone to tackle the challenges of teaching children about money in today’s complex world.

A Sammyriffic Deal

Get more than $3,000 of Services for $1,500! You will receive the following:

  1. Your own co-branded “access” and “entry page” to Sammy Rabbit Money School that includes 250 one year "premium" memberships to give to clients, your community and anyone and everyone you deem appropriate. Your turnkey site will also include:

    • Your logo

    • Your name and URL all downloadable activities

    • Marketing resources to help promote your partnership and page in social media, emails, newsletters, etc. See Sample Site

  2. 1 hour of virtual training on how to use Sammy Money School resources OR a 1 hour Author led financial education workshop for kids and/or adults.

  3. A blog featuring you on with a back link to your site (for 1 year). You may choose 1 of the following Sammy series: 

  4. A minimum of 1 post per quarter for one year in Sammy Rabbit social media on LinkedIn where we have over 15K+ connections. 

  5. Discounts on other Sammy Rabbit products and services.

Act Now

Act today. This “exclusive” offer and Sammyriffic deal will expire in December 31, 2023.

Or, for more information contact Sam X Renick at: