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Dream Big Pledge

Activity: Pledges and Promise

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Have kids take this fun and first step today in a learning adventure on PLEDGES & PROMISES.

Sammy Rabbit's Dream Big Pledge includes 4 important promises:

A first to dream big and do big one step at a time.

A second to make habits of reading and saving money

A third to take responsibility for doing their best and being a lifelong learner.

A fourth to be respectful and kind to others in pursuing my dreams, plans and goals.

Have children read the Dream Big Pledge aloud, then sign and date it. And, if they want to color or decorate it, have them do that too. Finally, have them deposit the completed activity into their Dream Big Journal.

It is a wonderful step to set children on the path to achieving their biggest dreams and aspirations.

This activity is fantastic to do on its own or after reading the story book Sammy's Big Dream!