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Sammy Rabbit Live Assembly sponsored by the Rotary of Glendale Noon at Jefferson and Columbus Elementary Schools in Glendale CA

Give students an unforgettable educational experience led by award winning children’s author Sam X Renick! Students will learn saving money, reading, writing, and being life-long learners are great habits! Assemblies available with author only or author and Sammy Rabbit.

Sam Renick and Sammy Rabbit in crowd of kids


The strategic interactive experience ranges from 30 minutes to 1 hour. It includes story- telling, song, call and respond activities, questions and answers and more! Readings and discussions are tailored to audience and school requirements. It’s appropriate for grades K through 5. Schools may want to group students by class level and have separate experiences for each group. Suggested pairings: K & 1, 2 & 3, 4 & 5. The school may purchase storybooks and curriculum at its option. Or, students can order storybooks themselves.

Sam Renick reading Sammy's Big Dream to kids

About Author

Award winning author and social entrepreneur Sam X Renick has read and led programs with over 250,000 kids in 8 countries and 35+ states. He is the co-creator of children storybook character Sammy Rabbit. Sam has written and produced one of the largest libraries in the world of financial literacy stories and songs including the books “It’s a Habit, Sammy Rabbit!” and “Sammy’s Big Dream!”

Sammy's Big Dream storybook


Sammy is determined to make a big dream come true. He wants to ride the world’s first outer space rollercoaster. Can he earn and save enough money to do it?

Sammy’s Big Dream makes it easy to ignite kids’ imaginations and inspire their dreams. It’s an entertaining and effective resource to teach and talk to kids about money and more. The story acts as a catalyst for discussion on at least 16 different topics and invites the question, ‘What’s your big dream?” Dreams are important. Dreams provide purpose. Purpose provides direction. Direction shapes behavior and thinking. Dreams also have the power to provide strength to delay gratification.

What Kids Will Learn

  1. Saving money
  2. Earning money
  3. Working hard – nothing is free
  4. Dreaming big – finding a purpose
  5. Setting goals
  6. Thinking and planning
  7. Making smart spending choices
  8. Give your all enthusiastically
  9. Not quitting – determination
  10. Believing in yourself
  11. Being prepared
  12. Measuring your progress
  13. Choosing the right friends/advisors
  14. Collaboration – teamwork
  15. Giving
  16. Leadership and responsibility
Sammyriffic Set


Sammyriffic Set

The Sammyriffic Set is filled with resources that are fun and purposeful. It can stand on its own and is also an excellent companion resource to Sammy’s Big Dream. The set consists of 160 fun and easy activities that educate kids on great money and goal setting habits. It’s easy to use, time-efficient & affordable. Sammy’s goal is for kids to have a great time learning habits and skills that will help them make their big dreams come true. The Sammyriffic Set is yours to keep, copy, and give away forever!

Co-Brand Option

If you like, all 160 activities of the Sammyriffic Set can be co-branded for your organization. You may include your organization name, website, and/or phone number. It’s a fun and easy way to keep the communication open with kids and their families.

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