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Sammy's Big Dream
Sammy wants to ride the world's first outer space roller coaster. Can he earn and save enough money to do it? Learn more.
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Sammy's Big Dream Read & Color Edition
The special edition comes in black and white. It contains 32 pages of coloring and activities. Learn more.
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Sammyriffic Set
160 Co-Branded Activities. Yours to keep, copy, a give away forever! Learn more.
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Storybook & Curriculum Bundle
The Storybook & Curriculum bundle combines storybooks and the Sammyriffic Set of Activities at a great price! Learn more.
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Read & Color Bundle
A perfect bundle to teach and reinforce lessons on saving money, working hard, dreaming big, setting goals, giving and more! Learn more.
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Dream Big Music
“Toe tapping music…will have everyone in the family…singing along. This is truly entertaining and a learning experience.” Dove Foundation Review Learn more.
Dream Big Tour
You’ve never seen anything like it! Author Sam X Renick and Sammy Rabbit are on the road and getting kids in the habit of saving money and reading. Learn more.