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CEEFL University of Texas Tyler Dreams Big with Sammy Rabbit

by Team Sammy

CEEFL University of Texas Tyler Works to End Financial Illiteracy

The Center for Economic Education and Financial Literacy University of Texas Tyler's (CEEFL UT Tyler) new Sammy Rabbit Dream Big Financial Education strategy is off to a wonderful and Sammyriffic start under the direction and leadership of Director, Susan Doty!

One of the primary goals of the strategy is to deliver financial education to young children in north Texas in classrooms through its elementary schools.

Let’s take a look at two important first steps the CEEFL UT Tyler has executed to do it – to deliver and make financial education more available and accessible to children and schools both in the classroom and online.

(1) Training

CEEFL UT Tyler held a kick off training workshop with teachers in North Texas.

The training familiarized teachers with Sammy Rabbit financial education tools and curriculum. It shared with educators ways the resources can be incorporated into classroom lesson plans across a variety of subject matter, including math and reading, to satisfy new state requirements for financial literacy education.

(2) Resources

Grades K to 2

Grades 2+

Click for immediate access to tools - Compliments CEEFL UT Tyler!

24-7 online learning!

The CEEFL UT Tyler seeded schools and teachers with resources for the classroom as well as tools and programming that can be accessed online from anywhere.

The CEEFL UT Tyler's collaboration with Sammy Rabbit makes a treasure trove of easy to use tools available and accessible to engage every style of learner.

The tools include stories, songs, writing and illustrating activities, coloring, word searches, puzzles and more. They not only fill a typically dull and daunting topic with fun, joy, and laughter, they also build reading, writing, critical thinking and goal setting skills in addition to great money habits and attitudes.

Stay Tuned

What we have learned from past experiences is collaborations can be a powerful and compounding source of positive change and impact.

Stay tuned. We look forward to growing our collective impact and helping kids and families build more financial stability, security and freedom in their lives.

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