Sammy Rabbit Resource Hub Description – Fun Financial Literacy for Kids

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Take one action today to advance a child’s financial knowledge and capability.
Perhaps read them a Sammy story or share a Sammy song with them!
You’ll find links to both on our home page.

Fun Financial Literacy – Available Today!

Sammy Rabbit’s Resource Hubs are a treasure trove of fun early age financial literacy – including over 200 activities crafted to develop personal finance skills that will last for life!

The resources stress “habit” formation and build money, goal setting, reading, writing, critical thinking and language skills using lots of unique features including “Predict the Chapter Titles” and “Sammy Says – Points of the Page.”

Sammy Rabbit believes making habits of earning and saving money are vitally important. That’s why Sammy’s activities teach lessons of dreaming big, setting goals; creating and executing plans; spending smart; giving wisely and more.

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Have your audience visiting and thinking about you repeatedly with a Sammy Rabbit Resource Hub! Turnkey. Co-Branding. Stories. Songs. Activities. And More.

Kids ages 7 and above will find songs, stories, and activities like: 

(i) Sammy’s Big Dream – a story about the hard work and dedication required to make a (out of this world) big dream come true that combines lessons of saving, goal setting, determination, giving, and more!

(ii) Sammy’s signature song “Get in the Habit!” A song so toe-tappingly upbeat it might make you forget you’re learning lessons about the importance of saving money.

(iii) 14 more songs, story activity books, puzzles, games, and more!

Kids, parents, teachers – “everyone” – have access to Sammy Rabbit resources for FREE through Resource Hub Partner sites!

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