Wisconsin Banks Read to Kids!

AbbyBank and Bankers read to kids and teach them saving money is a great habit!


Wisconsin Banks and Bankers invested their time, talent and treasure the last week of financial literacy month 2021 reading to young children and teaching them about great money habits!

Their reading to teach young children about money strategy started in 2003 through the leadership of the Wisconsin Bankers Association and Foundation.

Sammy Rabbit initiated his financial literacy mission in 2001 with a storybook and soon followed with music and activities.

Similar to California’s organization First 5, Wisconsin Banks and Sammy Rabbit strongly believe it is important to talk, read, and sing with young children if we are going to get them off to a healthy start and prepared for more stable and financially free futures.

In 2019, the enterprises joined forces to kick off a collaboration that is now growing into its third year while navigating and adapting through the current Covid-19 challenge.

Wisconsin Bankers execute the strategy as part of three separate but related campaigns that focus on strengthening Wisconsin kids, families and communities:

(1) Power of Community Week (2) Reading Raises Interest (3) Teach Children to Save Day!

Sammy Rabbit loves these themes.

They fit snugly into core themes and habits he champions: giving, reading, and saving money.


Both the Wisconsin Bankers Foundation and Sammy Rabbit believe early age “habit formation” is a key ingredient to successfully building a foundation that will produce sustained long term financial stability, security and freedom.

Thus, the readings, the supplemental resources and awareness communications supporting the campaigns also emphasis the importance of developing good and great habits.

Both Sammy Rabbit storybooks, It’s a Habit, Sammy Rabbit and Sammy’s Big Dream, communicate to readers that “saving is a great habit” in an engaging and age appropriate manner that make the books fun and easy for anyone to understand.

WaterStone Bank | Morgan Strandt, Community President

Do you wish someone taught you to save, spend smart and invest when you were young?
Sammy Rabbit makes teaching money fun for everyone!


“Over the last 20 years leading financial education experiences all over the world, we have discovered reading to kids at young ages about great money habits is a sensational and effective method of not only building kids personal finance skills, but their reading and critical thinking skills as well” said award winning financial educator, Sam X Renick, the co-Creator of Sammy Rabbit. “Because of its reading centric strategy, you just have to love the Wisconsin Bankers Association and Foundation’s approach to early age financial literacy education and the Teach Children to Save Day initiative!”

Click for Free Financial Education Resources that teach kids great money habits!
Compliments Wisconsin Bankers Foundation


While celebrating financial literacy with periodic special events and experiences is wonderful, the Wisconsin Bankers Foundation and member bankers recognize financial education is an every day thing. Skills need to be reinforced, built upon and mastered all throughout the year and a person’s lifetime.

That is why they provide workshops, participate in community events and make available resources for free online to parents, teachers, schools, youth clubs, etc., like this Learn with Sammy Resource Hub AND Sammy Rabbit Money School Memberships!

The unique Learn with Sammy Resource Hub not only includes a wealth of resources that build kids reading schools, but it includes a truckload of toe tapping tunes like Get in the Habit.

You will know immediately from listening to it why kids of all ages love the song and it sticks in everyone’s heads. It is the best 2 and 1/2 minutes in all of financial literacy education.

The Wisconsin Bankers Foundation and Sammy Rabbit strongly believe we need to give parents, teachers and community leaders a variety of methods and tools to make their jobs of capturing kids attention and teaching them about money as easy and fun as possible. Music helps to do that.


Here are some more the outstanding virtual readings conducted by Wisconsin Bankers. Thank you for your leadership!

Abby Bank | Natalyn Jannene, AVP Marketing

Bank of Sun Prarie | Jimmy Kauffman, President & CEO

BLC Community Bank

Dairy State Bank

Port Washington State Bank | Meghan Menke, Personal Banker

Prevail Bank

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