Richard Busby. A “Jaw Dropping” Money Moment

Richard Busby. Founder,

We are pleased to have Barbara Boustead share an “aha” money moment and parenting memory with us.

About Richard

Richard Busby, has a M.S., in Instructional Design and Development. He is PMO Director, at Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy. And he is the Founder,

Richard developed system architecture training at a large consulting firm for 15 years before transitioning to education administration in 2008. He developed Broadskilling in 2018 to enable students to have a career plan to be relevant in the future of work.

Most importantly, Richard is a father. He is also a life member of Psi Chi, the National Honor Society for Psychology.

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In His Own Words

Sam! I have a story for you about mathematics and financial literacy.

I went to the deli counter Saturday. I requested 3/4 lb. of lunchmeat. The young person (early 20s) placed 0.34 lbs. of sliced meat on the scale, then asked, “Will that be all?”

Stunned (that they equated 3/4 with 0.34) I suggested, “why not make it a full pound?”  The person then sliced more meat, resulting in 1.5 Lbs on the scale.  

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At this point, I’m thinking, “I’ll just freeze part of that… and end this transaction.”    

Bottom line: You are doing important work!  This person most likely graduated from high school in suburban Chicagoland.  Anyhow, I thought of you as I reflected on the event.

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