3 Stories Celebrate Global Money Week 2021

We are celebrating Global Money Week 2021 by sharing three of our favorite money stories from community and financial literacy education leaders around the world.

We invite you to read their money memories and share them with others to help raise the level of awareness on the importance of early age, youth and family financial literacy.

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Our first story comes from LinkedIn Senior Financial Services Editor Devin Banerjee!

“My parents bought me a gray cash box with a lock and key when I was probably 6 or 7. Sometimes they would give me the change from a gas station or store purchase when we were together and I’d add it to the box, which I kept under my bed. Every week, I opened the box to count the money, update my ledger (a sheet of printer paper), and organize the coins with roll wrappers. I kept money in that box for about a decade. Every now and then, the problem was finding the key!”

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Our second story comes from Financial Literacy Advocate and Founder of the Financial Wellness Centre, Sheila Mmodoga Afande in the United Arab Emirates.

I was around 7-8 years old when I did my first engagement gig (reciting a poem to one of the government officials). I was awarded some money for the excellent performance. I was super excited for earning money. I remember my mum asking me not to buy candy with all the money. Instead, she made me invest half of it by buying a hen from her poultry farm. I learned how to take care of it until it laid eggs and hatched chicks. Later I sold them at a small profit to our neighbors. By doing that, I was able to multiply my money. This made me super excited and raised my curiosity in matters of Investing and Business. I kept repeating the same process every time I would get money. I have continued to day that until this day. For all the income I earn, I allocate half to investing so as to multiply my money. The other half I spend.

Our third story comes from Financial Education Instructor at MoneySmartBD, Jonathan Gomes, in Dhaka, Bangladesh.  

Me and my siblings used clay banks (pottery), commonly found in the shape of colorful fruits (the local version of piggy banks). We used to eagerly wait for the big annual fair where these were sold in many different shapes and sizes, and replace the ones we had from a year ago. Precious memories!

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