First Work Experiences

Today, we are pleased to feature short notes from community leaders around the world who share their first jobs, work and earning experiences.

What was your first job and earning experience? What do you remember about it? What did you learn from it? Was it one of the following? According to Monster these are some of the most common first jobs people perform:

Baby sitter / Cashier / Lab Assistant / Newspaper delivery / Teacher / Camp counselor / Retail / Dishwasher

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B. Dan Berger | President & CEO at NAFCU (National Association of Federally-Insured Credit Unions)

My first job was mowing yards. I had a crew of two others and we mowed yards in middle school and high school. I sold the book of business to a local landscaping company before rolling off to college.

If asking for first real pay check job, I worked at the University of Florida golf course. I did it throughout high school too.

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Lisa Niser | Tax Accountant, Taking on Taxes Together

My first job was waitressing at Golden Bear restaurant.  My older sister also worked there so she helped me learn how to balance all the plates by practicing at home.

I liked that I earned more waitressing than any of my friends did at their fast food or grocery store jobs.  I also liked that I had the power to impact my tips through my service and demeanor.

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Jasmine Paul | Financial Operations Manager, United States Air Force and Author – A Boy, A Budget and a Dream!

At the age of 9, I co-founded a baking business using an Easy-Bake Oven. We went door to door selling cupcakes and brownies while I was living in Japan. We upgraded to my friends mom’s oven and increased sales. Unfortunately, we were shut down by the base public health office for not having the correct certifications.

I then was a DJ at little kid’s birthday parties.

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Kevin Ruth | Founder, Finance411

My first job was working at my father’s gas station. As a child, I cleaned up gas and oil spills, washed car windows and picked up cigarette butts. That was the entry level job for me and my two brothers. As we got older, we were promoted to pumping gas and oil changes. Best work experience of my life.

My mother Dot Ruth and father taught us at a young age the meaning of a hard day’s work. I can remember riding four across the front seat of our tow truck with my father and two brothers Keith Ruth and Al Ruth to open the station at 7am.

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Amobi Okugo | Professional Athlete and Entrepreneur

My first job was refereeing games on the weekends.

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Gary Vien | Dad and Author

My first job besides cutting grass, was at Six Flags Over Mid-America twisting pretzels at the Miss Kitty’s theater!

One of the best jobs I every had and ended up spending almost 40 seasons in the Theme Park industry!

Anthony Berardi | Registered Representative at Core Investments Group, Inc.

My first job was providing before and after school care aid!

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