Charles Bovaird. First Job Memory

Charles Bovaird, Financial Writer and Editor

We are pleased to have Charles Bovaird,  VP of Content at Quantum Economics and Forbes Senior Contributor, share a first job and earning memory.

Now, in his own words, Charles Bovaird tells us about his first job.

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An Intimidating Endeavor

The first job I ever had, aside from doing jobs around the house for my dad, was officiating soccer games. 

Referee: an official who watches a game or match closely to ensure that the rules are adhered to and (in some sports) to arbitrate on matters arising from the play.

To be frank, I rather enjoyed that job. I started when I was in 8th grade and was about 14 years old. Being a soccer referee gave me a front-row seat to my favorite sport, it got me some exercise and of course I got paid for the job too. 

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I will note that being a kid and refereeing soccer games that involved adult coaches could be intimidating. However, I got used to that over time, and I of course had to get used to fans screaming at the ref the second they disagreed with anything. 

I should note that some fans are respectful, but the ones who screamed at me basically just taught me to block out distractions so I could focus on the task at hand.

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