3 Highlights. Suze Orman: The Important Lessons Your Kids Won’t Learn in School

3 Highlights: Suze Orman The Important Lesson Your Kids Won’t Learn in School

To raise awareness on the importance of financial literacy education, we are periodically highlighting and reviewing articles on teaching children about money. We will share a few thoughts on 3 points from each column that HOP off the page to us. We would be delighted to share one or two of your thoughts as well. So, let us know what you think.

Today, we review The Important Money Lessons Your Kids Won’t Learn in School by personal finance author and television celebrity, Suze Orman.

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Your child may be the next valedictorian, but I am telling you that if you don’t take the time to teach key money lessons there is no way your child will be able to thrive in the real world as an adult.

This may be strong for some, but I think Suze is right on target. She gives us a lot to consider.

Do “smart people” make money mistakes?

How important is being a competent and capable money manager to thriving as an adult in the real world?

What are the key money lessons parents, schools, community organizations and leaders should be teaching children to better prepare them to have success as adults?

Why are some of the reasons parents avoid teaching kids about money?

Why do schools largely ignore teaching financial education?

What do you think? Do you agree with Suza Orman’s statement?

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Allowances are to be Earned. Not Given.

There are a variety of views on allowance and their isn’t any serious research to validate they are effective.

We do know this though, work works! Very little if anything substitutes for a strong work and earning ethic.

I am with Suze. Learning to be an earner is one of the greatest gifts a parent can give a child.

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Live What You Want Your Kids to Embrace. When you enjoy saving as much as you enjoy spending, you are giving your kids an incredible foundation.

I absolutely love the philosophy and positive energy around the words “enjoy saving.”

Often, people associate saving with sacrifice rather than the empowering benefits it produces. If parents celebrate “the habit” of saving, kids will too.

As Sammy Rabbit says, “Show Your Family the Way.” Lead by example. Live what you want your kids to embrace! Booyah!


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