UNC Charlotte: Sammy Rabbit’s College Spotlight

UNC Charlotte is in today’s Sammy Rabbit Financial Literacy College Spotlight

The university has all sorts of resources and information about how to earn money as a student, how to save money, how to manage credit and borrow wisely, and how to manage your money and expenses.

Go HERE to Check out UNC Charlotte’s “Green to Gold” Financial Literacy and Well Being Program.

They plan to offer lots of wonderful modules for students on personal finance that include: Money Mind | 10 Principles of Financial Literacy | Budgeting | Student Loans | Saving and Investing | Debt Management | FICO Credit Score | Credit Cards | Retirement Planning | Smart Goals | Banking | Salary Negotiation | Employee Benefits | Insurance Planning | Social Justice | Money & Relationships | Adult Learners | Endowment Stewardship | Car Shopping | Financial Technology | For Women | Identity Theft | Mortgage | Money & Nutrition

There is a lot to like about the UNC Charlotte financial literacy education strategy. Kudos!

General Information on UNC Charlotte

Location: Charlotte, North Carolina | Nickname: 49ers

Undergraduate Enrollment: 24,000 (Approximate)

Tuition (In-state): Before Aid $25,000 | After Aid $17,000 (Approximate)

Graduation Rate: 57% | Acceptance Rate: 67%

Source: Wikipedia


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