Dreams or Doritos?

Do you remember Seth Godin’s Purple Cow? A ‘Purple Cow’ is a REMARKABLE DEAL! It is a deal you absolutely love, will never forget and will tell all your friends about. Costco’s Hot Dog and Soda for a $1.50 is my ‘Purple Cow!’

To celebrate the release of the newly revised edition of Sammy’s Big Dream, we created our own Purple Cow!

We asked ourselves: What do kids of every economic strata spend money on they do not need? One of our answers: Potato chips! We scouted around and discovered a 2.75 ounce bag of potato chips sells for the following prices:

  • Convenient store: $1.69
  • Gas station: $1.69
  • Walmart: $1.48

We scratched our heads and asked ourselves, “Can we match the price of a bag of potato chips?” Yes!

Sammy’s Big Dream nourishes big dreams and great money habits in the heads and hearts of kids. That’s what we want! It’s what we’re committed to. The storybook is a catalyst to bring classrooms and/or families together to talk about why working hard, saving money, and setting goals are important. And, that is not all. The new edition includes 4 activities: Sammy’s Dream Big Pledge; What’s Your Big Dream Writing Prompt; A Hidden Message Puzzle; and a Goal Setting Activity Sheet. Kids, classrooms and families who want to keep learning can at Sammy’s Dream Big Club! There, they will have FREE access to over a hundred additional activities, music and more.

GAME ON! The dream big, do big, one step at a time revolution has started! Let’s get kids setting goals, saving money and taking small steps, one after another to pursue lives of purpose and prosperity!

Dreams or Doritos offer
Get a bundle of 100 Sammy Big Dream storybooks for $1.47 ea. (add S&H and taxes if applicable). Offer expires: January 15, 2018.

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Team Sammy is on a mission with Sammy Rabbit to make it fun and easy for anyone to talk to and teach kids great money habits. We want kids and their families on the road to financial freedom, security and making their dreams come true at the earliest possible ages. Join us. Let's collaborate on a project or an awareness campaign in your community!

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