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Teaching kids about money is vital to their well-being. An individual’s level of financial literacy, education, and capability has far reaching consequences. It can impact their health, relationships, security, education, careers, opportunities, life-style, and philanthropic choices.

It is important children understand money’s various characteristics and learn to manage them capably to function effectively in life. It is also important that children’s financial education begin early. Here are three reasons why. One, a 2013 Cambridge University study revealed adult money habits are set by age seven. Two, a 2015 Gallup poll showed two out of three adults around the world are financially illiterate, including the United States. Three, advertising is a pervasive influence on children and its’ influence is growing through the Internet and mobile media devices.

So where should those interested in addressing the challenge start? We think it makes sense to begin with language and a warm, lovable friend and role model like Sammy Rabbit.

Who is Sammy Rabbit? Sammy is a children’s character who came to life in the award winning storybook, It’s a Habit, Sammy Rabbit! Sammy’s favorite money mantra, saving is a great habit! Sammy shares his messages on great money habits and critical life skills with kids and families through storybooks, songs, and activities like his latest resource, Sammy’s Slogans on Money!

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Sammy’s Slogans on Money is set of 15 printable activities that introduce students in grades K through 3 to eight of Sammy’s favorite slogans. Five slogans are on money. And, there are one each on dreaming big, learning, and self-confidence. The resource also comes with a list of ideas for additional activities and a glossary of terms to help get kids familiar with language of money. Students can color, do call and respond, create their own slogans and much more.

The resource is free or it can be co-branded for a one-time fee of twenty dollars.

With Sammy Rabbit, teaching kids about money can be fun, easy, and effective. And, it can be done while simultaneously building reading, language and listening skills.

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