The Challenge

Teaching kids about money is not easy. Parents avoid it. Teachers don’t feel qualified to do it. Money habits and attitudes form at an early age. The environment stresses consumerism. Kids are not naturally inclined to delay gratification.

Did You Know?

Adult money habits are formed by age 7
-University of Cambridge

2 out of 3 adults are considered financially illiterate

Teachers feel unqualified to teach financial literacy

Sammy's Superpower

He makes a difficult but vital subject fun to teach and easy to learn!
You can do it. You can teach kids great money habits. You can empower their big dreams. Start today. Lead or sponsor a Dream Big Read
Dream Big.
Do Big.
One step at a time.
The right habits, skills, and attitudes
Give all kids a better future.
Be the difference.
Teach kids great money habits. Empower them to dream big and do big, one step at a time. Help children build better and brighter futures
Start today! Lead or sponsor a Dream Big Read