Reading and Resources

The purpose of the Dream Big Reading and Resources initiative is to provide kids, classrooms and homes with strategic resources that begin to shape kids mindsets, habits and skills on big dreams and money at an early age, including being life-long learners and going to college.

Goal: Giveaway 1M Storybooks by 2020


Dream Big Network

The Global Dream Big Network is comprised of individuals and enterprises who champion children’s dreams, financial education, network members, and Sammy Rabbit.

Dream Big Experiences

The purpose of the Dream Big Experiences initiative is to make it easy for anyone to conduct and participate in effective live and interactive experiences centered on big dreams and great money habits.

Global Dream Big Day

The purpose of the Global Dream Big Day initiative is to provide an annual opportunity to have a common collective experience and celebration of big dreams, great money habits, reading and education in communities across the world.

Dream Big Club

The purpose of the Dream Big Club initiative is to make available anywhere, anytime learning and training on habits, dreams, money, reading, and education, including going to college.