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Sammy's Dream Big Education Initiative

Complete education solution for teaching kids and training adults to teach kids at an early age great money habits and life skills to make their big dreams come true. It connects online, mobile, live experiences, do-it-yourself experiences, products and services with target audiences through 5 memorable signature initiatives!

  1. Dream Big Reading and Resources
  2. Global Dream Network: Ambassadors, Mentors, and Trainers
  3. Dream Big Club: Songs, Activities, and More
  4. Dream Big Tour
  5. Global Dream Big Day

Dream Big Reading and Resources: Financial Literacy Kits

Saving is a Great Habit Financial Literacy Kit

Saving is a Great Habit

- Storybook: It's a Habit, Sammy Rabbit!
-Ages 3 and up
- Coloring Book: Saving is a Great Habit

Dream Big Financial Literacy Kit

Dream Big

- Storybook: Sammy's Big Dream
-Ages 6 and up
- Activity Templates: Dream Big

Global Dream Big Network: Ambassadors, Mentors, and Trainers

Do it yourself!
We will show you how. Sammy Rabbit resources and training make it easy for anyone to talk to and teach kids at an early age about great money habits!

Sample Lesson Plan

Dream Big Club: Songs, Activities, and More

The Dream Big Club is in development. It currently consists of a 12 Module Song & Activity Financial Education Program. See Titles and Lessons for All 12 Songs. Experience two of the songs and a few sample activities below! The program is ready for PILOT TESTING! Contact us for details.

Get in the Habit


Pop style song emphasizes the habit of saving

Lessons and Key Ideas

  • Get in the habit of saving
  • Your money will grow if you make saving a habit
  • You can do it, now get to it
  • Goal setting



Gospel style song stresses saving makes us strong

Lessons and Key Ideas

  • Saving makes us strong.
  • It prepares and has us ready for emergencies.
  • It prepares and has us ready for big dreams

Dream Big Tour

Live Author and Character Appearances. Schedule a Tour Stop Now!

Global Dream Big Day

Local community volunteers and organizations, including high schools and colleges, go to classrooms and youth clubs, read to kids, share their big dream and ask kids what is your big dream? Kids document their dreams on Dream Big Templates and Journals!

Notable Clients

Air Force Aid Society University of Maryland Texas FCCLA California Teacher's Association